About us

North London-based Triple S took its first breath as an independent streetwear label in 2012. Today, the brand stands out from the trendy crowd because it is grown from grit and powered by real passion. Ensuring this mix stays sweet is, an authentic designer a young woman who dares to defy the standard and is the captain at the helm of this stylish ship.


Triple S Brand founder started out making custom form fitting t-shirts and sweatshirts for discerning urban fashionistas. As time went on, her growing belief in bespoke creations led her onto new concepts. She began producing her own tees and sweats, bringing them to life with her own designs.


It wasn’t long before these designs caught the attention of the eager style-seekers of one of the world’s fashion capitals: London. Symone soon discovered that there was a demand for her streetwear visions. Armed with this information, she decided to go solo but she wanted to do things differently.


Triple S as it would soon become would be available to and appealing to men and women alike. Whichever designs wowed its female customers in the women’s collection would also sweep fellas of their feet in the men’s. Unisex, Symone determined, would not be a word used to describe Triple S.


Aware of the fact that traditional streetwear silhouettes tend not to flatter the female form, Triple S was created to correct this. Triple S’s wares would be shaped to ensure that they fit to a tee whomever the wearer.


Items in the women’s line would be cut to fit the more slender curves of the female. Meanwhile, the same sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies and jackets would be made to measure for the male physic. The magic would be in the retention of the synergy and consistency between the two. Both collections are seasoned with a distinctly UK flavour and quality that speaks for itself through its longevity.


Owners of Triple S garments wear these products not just with their own pride, but also with the pride of the streets that inspired them. That’s why ‘Dare 2b Different’ the brand’s slogan, motto and can be found emblazoned on most of the clothing.


Triple S is about the celebration of the smaller style tribes and the more modest families of fashion. It is about authentic streetwear and what could be more authentic and inspiring than the streets themselves?